martes, 22 de febrero de 2011


Ojalá sepais el suficiente inglés como para escuchar la extraordinaria letra que tiene. Y si no es así, espero que tengais la suficiente curiosidad como para buscar su traducción.
I saw your father in the hall
His ghost is living in the walls
I heard him crying while you slept
I heard him breaking things after you left

I watched you crawl into my bed
With curses spilling from your head
You said "We're just the walking dead"
So I pulled the trigger and we floated off

Into the air... Into the air
Into the air... Into the air
Up in the air... We're in the air
Up in the air... Up in the air

I used to worry about the time
That I lost my teeth along the line
So I carved the apple from my eye
And gave it to you for I went away
Blood ran into the kitchen sink
Your hands and arms are running pink
I sat and watched you as your rage
Slipped off and rolled across the kitchen floor

They cut your eyes wide open
And pour into your precious head
My reach don't go that far dear
But please oh please don't let them in

I sank into the sea
Wrapped in piano strings
Few words could open me
But you knew them all
Now I just sleep beneath your floor
and my ghost just tries to keep you warm
I've seen the end, I've lost the war
One day you'll join me here
just like the rest

I hear the engines
they're roaring in our mouths
The smell of creatures
that fight tooth and nail to get out

I see the airplanes
They're pouring from the chest
They fill the air
And burn and bury you
just like the rest